California for All Animals exists to unite and amplify the work of California animal shelters to achieve our shared goal of matching every animal in need with the right outcome through the right care, delivered in the right place and at the right time.


A humane-hearted California powered by animal shelters and compassionate communities, with deep respect for the diversity of the human and animal experience.

The Four Rights

We want to ensure that every animal in need receives

  1. the Right Care in
  2. the Right Place at
  3. the Right Time to
  4. the Right Outcome.


  • Transparency: work with stakeholders statewide; develop criteria, procedures, and accountability measures
  • Eligibility: equal access and opportunity to all local governments and nonprofit shelters that are contracted to provide animal care services
    Partnerships/sustainability: leverage this initiative to attract other support (e.g., community, philanthropic, local government, corporate)
  • Community context: address the needs of underserved populations, including both urban and rural areas and low-income communities
  • Fairness: an open, competitive – and voluntary – process that assures objectivity, fairness, and sustainability
  • Impact: “meet the state’s goal that no healthy or treatable dog or cat is euthanized in an animal shelter”