Advisory Council Meeting
The most recent Advisory Council meeting was held May 22.

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Grant Impact - Calaveras County
"It's impossible to express how much the...grant not only helped pets in medical need, but improved the psychological well-being of our staff and volunteers. Knowing that a medical situation wasn't a crisis, and that we could comfortably pay for it, was immeasurably valuable.

"Similarly, the ability to say 'yes' to transfers of pets with pre-existing medical conditions from other shelters was an absolute joy." - Calaveras Humane Society

Shown at right: Tux, kitten surrendered in Tuolumne and transfered to Calaveras Humane, recovering nicely ten days after surgery to remove a severely fractured leg.
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Roundtable Discussions Available On Demand
In this series of four dynamic roundtable conversations, frontline workers leading change across California and the country highlight collaborative approaches to removing barriers that come between people and pets and dish on creative solutions they’re implementing now to ensure pets spend more nights at home, not in the shelter.
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Grant Impact - Oakland
Blue, a six-month-old pittie urgently needed care after she was attacked by a dog and sustained life-threatening injuries, including a broken jaw. Through California for All Animals grant funding and a partnership with Vets in Vans, Oakland Animal Services connected Blue's family, and dozens of others, with the essential veterinary care they needed to thrive—and stay—together.
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Announcing the More Pets and People Together Statewide Contest Winners​
Californians of all ages were invited to join the More Pets and People Together campaign and reflect on what animal companionship means to them and to their community via pencil, crayon, brush, or digital drawing tool, all for a chance to win a $5,000 grant for their animal shelter. The results are in...
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Who We Are

Through expert-led training, grants, and a network of shelter teams passionate about implementing practices that best serve pets and their people, we’re creating a humane-hearted California powered by kind communities, with deep respect for the diversity of the human and animal experience.

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To address the imbalance between the demands on California animal shelters and their capacity to care for animals in need, we provide financial resources, training, and partnership opportunities with the goal of keeping animals with their people. When the shelter is the best place for an animal to receive care, we work alongside agencies to create environments that center every dimension of well-being to place animals in homes as quickly as possible.

2023 By the Numbers

2023 was a stellar year for shelters participating in California for All Animals (CA4AA). Despite economic, societal, and staffing challenges, Golden State animal welfare organizations in 28 counties pushed forward to reduce barriers, expand access to care, and keep families together.

CA4AA disbursed over $6.5M in targeted funding, with more than 78% going toward spay/neuter surgeries and training.

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How We Help

We Train. We help shelter teams across the state learn, do, and share together, so they can grow cultures, policies and practices that advance human and animal well-being.

We Build. Through shelter outreach, online communities and events, we foster connection and partnerships to build a stronger ecosystem of care in California.
We Fund. We support implementation of evidence-based practices that address the systemic drivers of euthanasia of adoptable and treatable pets.


California for All Animals exists to unite and amplify the work of California animal shelters to achieve our shared goal of matching every animal in need with the right outcome through the right care, delivered in the right place and at the right time. Learn more about our vision for a humane-hearted California built for all people and pets — and how you can help make it happen.
This is for shelters
This is for everyone
This is for shelters in the city. This is for shelters in the country. This is for shelters from farmland to desert, mountains to coast. This is for everyone who believes in fierce compassion for animals, for people, for themselves. Because in California we don’t just catch waves; we create waves.