Partner up to expand California’s safety net

If your organization serves animals, but you’re not an animal shelter, we hope you’ll connect with your local shelter and explore opportunities for collaboration and program development. Imagine what’s possible when you join together to serve the animals and people in your community!

How can we participate?

The funds allocated to this grant program have been earmarked by the State of California specifically for animal shelters. The best way to ensure your county receives a portion of this funding is to work with animal shelters in the communities where you’d like to see programs sustained or expanded.

The funding can support partnerships and coalitions, but the shelter will be the recipient of the grant funds.

To be eligible for grants, the shelter supported by your partnership needs to enroll in the California for All Animals program and submit its data. Funds will be allocated based on need; five years of historical data are required to determine the amount of the grant. Data will need to be submitted every year the shelter is enrolled.


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(Photo courtesy TinyCat Photography)