Sniptember Spay/Neuter Grants

RFPs were accepted from September 15 – October 15, 2022. A total of $10,512,101.25 was awarded. View a list of recipients.

The California for All Animals program is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Increasing Capacity for Spay/Neuter Services in the state. Municipal animal shelters, private animal shelters with municipal contracts, and private shelters are eligible to respond to this RFP, even if they already received a California for All Animals grant this year. A shelter is defined as a brick-and-mortar facility that houses animals on-site and is open to the public a minimum of fifteen hours per week.

The goal of this RFP is to increase capacity of spay/neuter services in animal shelters above and beyond what currently exists. Operating expenses for existing programs are not eligible for funding during this grant cycle; however, funding is available to increase capacity of existing programs.

Veterinary clinics and spay/neuter organizations without a brick and mortar intake facility are encouraged to partner with animal shelters on proposals. The shelter would act as the recipient of the funding and then contract with the spay/neuter organization for services.*

The funding priority for this grant cycle is to increase capacity for spay/neuter services for animal shelters, which is defined as spay/neuter of animals in the shelter, referred by field services and those at risk of ending up in the shelter, for example pet owners experiencing homelessness, pet owners residing in zip codes of high intake, and priority community animals. Operational costs associated with increasing capacity should be included in the proposal.

Examples of funding requests include but are not limited to:

  1. Increase regional capacity for spay/neuter by offering services to another shelter(s). 
  2. Utilization of existing facilities on days when surgeries are not being performed to increase spay/neuter for the shelter or community. This can be in collaboration with other shelters or spay/neuter organizations.
  3. Increase capacity to train veterinarians on High Quality High Volume spay/neuter (HQHVSN), with a priority on supporting veterinarians currently practicing in shelters or low cost spay/neuter clinics or with a commitment to do so in the short term.
  4. Increase veterinary staff and/or increase non-veterinary support staff to optimize veterinary staff use. 
  5. Sponsorship of work visas and associated costs for international veterinarians to increase spay/neuter veterinary staffing and services.
  6. Initiatives to recruit and train veterinarians not currently participating in the workforce or support transition from other areas of practice to HQHVSN

Proposal Process and Deadlines

Organizations are asked to submit a one-page proposal, budget and projected impact through our application portal by clicking APPLY NOW below. Proposals should identify existing or proposed partnerships, steps and timeline to increase capacity, and plans for sustainability of funding. However, given the current crisis and substantial surgical backlog in many regions, short term proposals will also be considered even if sustainable funds are not identified. We recognize that increasing capacity is an investment with sustained funding needed, therefore up to three years of funding will be considered with a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $1 million over the three year period.

* If you need help partnering with a shelter(s) in your region, reach out to us at and we’ll connect you.

Completed Sniptember Grants

A very few grants remain in process but are not yet completed. The table below shows all grants that have been disbursed.

Applying OrganizationAwarded Amount
Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society$447,600.00
Butte Humane Society$50,000.00
City of Avenal$90,000.00
City of McFarland$108,000.00
City of Moreno Valley – Animal Shelter$76,500.00
City of Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter$53,500.00
City of Wasco$288,000.00
Colusa County Animal Control$250,000.00
Contra Costa County$100,000.00
Eastern Madera County Humane Society$275,000.00
Elk Grove Animal Services$125,000.00
Fresno Humane Animal Services$443,000.00
Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter$140,554.00
Gimme Love Animal Shelter$80,000.00
Hollister Animal Shelter$50,000.00
Humane Society of Del Norte$385,200.00
Humane Society of Imperial County$50,000.00
Humane Society of Sonoma County$398,096.00
Humane Society of Sonoma County$704,000.00
Humane Society of the North Bay$16,000.00
Kern County Animal Services$204,000.00
Lake County Animal Care and Control$154,077.25
Long Beach Animal Care Services$25,000.00
Los Banos Animal Shelter$50,000.00
Madera County Animal Services$63,000.00
Mendocino County Animal Care Services$100,000.00
Monterey County and Salinas Animal Services$43,200.00
Orange County Animal Care$142,094.00
Paws For Life K9 Rescue$200,000.00
Plumas County Animal Shelter$180,000.00
Porterville Animal Shelter$50,000.00
Ridgecrest Animal Shelter$147,200.00
Riverside County Department of Animal Services$329,000.00
Sacramento SPCA$705,000.00
San Diego Humane Society$727,182.00
San Francisco SPCA$739,780.00
Siskiyou County Animal Control$53,000.00
Siskiyou Humane Society, INC$90,000.00
Siskiyou Spay Neuter Incentive Program$157,000.00
Stanislaus Animal Services Agency$238,070.00
Stanislaus Animal Services Agency$704,000.00
Stray Cat Alliance$300,000.00
Sutter Animal Services Authority$25,000.00
Tehama County Animal Services$180,000.00
The Cat House on the Kings$45,000.00
The PAW Mission$400,000.00
Valley Oak SPCA$330,048.00