One door, a world of difference

Double compartment housing in shelters is crucial to animals’ health and well-being: pass-through “portal” installation has been linked to lower disease risk, reduced stress for animals and improved efficiency for care, and is a simple means to sustainably increase lifesaving success. California for All Animals welcomes all shelters to apply for targeted grants to retrofit cat and small dog/puppy housing with portals. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be prioritized based on need and impact. Shelters may receive funding to install portals or may receive direct assistance from the Koret Shelter Medicine Program to install portals.

California's Cat Cage Conversion Map

Cats (and some small dogs) have discovered the joys of double-compartment housing at shelters throughout California because the shelters on this map committed to the cost-effective conversion of single-compartment cages.

Happy Cat Generator

A simple portal between two cages allows shelter staff to separate food, water and bed from the litter box and gives cats more space just to be cats. Shelter after shelter report that upper respiratory infections decrease and cats are more comfortable. Who knew one little simple hole could change everything for shelter cats?

Dr. Sara Pizano
Team Shelter USA