Current Opportunities


We’re so happy you found us. Currently we have two grant opportunities available:
  • Apply now for Portal Grants if your organization is in need of double-compartment housing.
  • Apply now for Welcome Grants if your municipal shelter or private shelter with a municipal contract has not already received a California for All Animals grant.
Organizations must be members of California for All Animals in order to qualify for a grant. Applicants will be asked to complete the Welcome Questionnaire to join if they have not already done so.

Grant guidelines 

Applications from organizations located in areas of high social vulnerability ( will be prioritized. Applications meeting the organization and funding category eligibility criteria will be reviewed by the CA4AA Advisory Council. Award notifications will be communicated on a rolling basis.

KSMP requests applications be submitted via the Applicant Portal. See the instructions for the grant opportunity you wish to pursue.

Contact if your organization needs accessibility accommodations. KSMP’s goal is to make this application accessible to all California animal shelters.

California for All Animals is committed to an equitable and inclusive grants process. Please contact us at any time if you have questions or want to run an idea by us.We are

Portal Grants