PAW Mission Founder and Executive Director Jessica Lopez reflects on a 6 a.m. encounter that began to unravel her assumptions and explains why the benefits of community events go way beyond pet vaccinations.

Grant Impact – San Bernardino County

The San Bernardino County Devore Animal Shelter made great use of their $205,000 California for All Animals grant. Among the outcomes: 525 dogs received advanced

Chart showing distribution of grant funds. Details are also in the text on this page.

2023 Highlights

In just over two years, the California for All Animals program has provided nearly $31.5 million in funding to animal shelters across the state. Learn more about how 6.5M 2023 grant funding was distributed to support California families and their well-being.

Mapping the Movement

From Siskiyou to Chula Vista…from Humboldt to Blythe…View the shelters and supporting organizations that have joined so far on our interactive map.

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