Tux, a tripod cat helped with Cal4All Animals grant funds

“Another happy story from our Cal for All Animals grant was Tuxedo (‘Tux’), a young kitten with a severely injured leg. Tux had been surrendered to Tuolumne County Animal Control, and they reached out to their rescue partners to find a transfer opportunity.

“Because we knew we had our grant funding available, we accepted Tux and had him seen by a veterinarian immediately. It was decided that the best course of action for Tux was amputation of the limb (he had a severe fracture on one of the growth plates), and he recovered beautifully.

“Tux was adopted about three weeks post-surgery and is living the good life in Angels Camp with his new mom and a Shih Tzu ‘sister.’”

– Calaveras Humane

“It’s impossible to express how much the discretionary funds of our Cal for All Animals grant not only helped pets in medical need, but improved the psychological well-being of our staff and volunteers. Knowing that a medical situation wasn’t a crisis, and that we could comfortably pay for it, was immeasurably valuable.

“Similarly, the ability to say ‘yes’ to transfers of pets with pre-existing medical conditions from other shelters was an absolute joy.”

 — from the Calaveras Humane Society Cal for All Animals Grant 2022/2023 Final Report