As intake numbers rise in many shelters, making sure animals receive the right care, in the right place and at the right time is critical to combating crowding, curbing disease and ensuring positive outcomes. Two upcoming events will highlight tried-and-true tips for managing infectious disease and creative approaches shelter teams are taking to keep more animals in their homes, reunite them with their families or, when needed, place them in new homes as quickly as possible. 

August 16: Curbing Disease As Intake Rises: Prevent, Fight and Win Today

Curbing Disease As Intake Rises webinar flyer
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Does it seem like animals keep getting sick no matter what you do, especially right now with intake numbers climbing in many shelters? Does URI have to be status quo for summer? Is parvo inevitable? Have you wondered what else you can do to get ahead of these vicious cycles? This webinar is for you!

From animal care attendants to RVTs and beyond, everyone in the shelter has the power to have a big impact on animal health. On August 16 at 10 a.m. PDT, UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program veterinarians Dr. Aziz and Dr. Stuntebeck will answer your questions and arm you with the information you need to squash the most concerning infectious diseases in your shelter.

Whether you’re providing daily care for animals or reviewing care and intake protocols, you’ll learn practical steps to relieve the strain on animals and team members. Come prepared to UNLEARN unhelpful myths and walk away with tools and techniques that will lead to healthier animals, less stress for you, and make your job of serving the pets and people in your community easier.  

We want to answer your burning questions: submit them here. This webinar will be interactive, so bring your additional infectious inquiries and conundrums for Dr. Aziz and Dr. Stuntebeck to answer live. 

Register and receive a link to the recording after the event. Our experts can’t wait to give you what you need to tackle this concerning issue in your shelter!

More Pets and People Together Roundtable Series Kicks Off August 17

In this series of four dynamic roundtable conversations, frontline workers leading change across California and the country will share collaborative approaches to removing barriers that come between people and pets and dish on innovative solutions they’re implementing to ensure pets spend more nights at home, not in the shelter. 

Together we’ll dig into questions at the heart of the challenges we’re facing now. Register for the series and join your peers for the first session on August 17 at 9 a.m. PDT!

Boosting Positive Outcomes: Antidotes to Fear, Bias and Saviorism

More Pets and People Together Roundtables

We want to place animals in loving homes, but strict outcomes policies and processes actually discourage awesome adopters or prevent animals from returning home, increasing length of stay; fear, anxiety and stress responses; and disease risk.

At this roundtable, we’re getting real and discussing how we can respond when barriers rooted in fear, bias, and saviorism creep into our systems, muck up our flowthrough, and keep animals waiting. What does it look like when practices and policies are built around love, fairness, and solidarity with our community and in support of our shared goals? Four organizations will explore how community-centered adoption initiatives have opened their doors and jumpstarted positive outcome cycles for animals and more positive, connection-driven cultures among shelter teams.


  • Cole Wakefield (Good Shepherd Humane Society) 
  • Caitlin Daly (SPCA of Erie) 
  • Joy Smith (FieldHaven Feline Center) 
  • Denise Woodside (SEAACA)