Five Things Cities and Counties Can Do

Here are five ways elected officials and public leaders can help build communities that are more inclusive of pets and people—more fun, fair, and welcoming places for us all to call home.

Five Things Shelters and Partner Organizations Can Do

Shelters, foster-based rescues, TNR groups, and other animal care and human services organizations make a difference every day for people and animals in California. Here are a few ideas to help coordinate and amplify collective impact.

Five Things Businesses Can Do

Customers are loyal to brands who share their values and give back to their communities. Here are five ways you can #BeAHelper to bring and keep pets and people together while rallying around your shared values.  1. Be a community hub for getting found pets home Your business is already a core part of your […]

Five Things Community Groups Can Do

Two youth group members care for a lizard

Faith, youth, civic and other community groups can #BeAHelper by drawing on their people power to make sure pets can spend more nights at home, not in shelters.

Five Things You Can Do

A woman puts her arm around a dog

Each of us can #BeAHelper to keep and bring more pets and people together in our communities so that pets spend more nights at home, not in a shelter.