Ashley Anderson-Mutch (Senior Program Manager, Enforcement and Policy Reform, Pets for Life at Humane Society of the United States) offers a brief overview of how Pets for Life combats the effects of historical and current inequities by serving people and pets in marginalized communities.

Rafael Castellanos (Pets for Life Coordinator, Ventura County Animal Services) shares his experience creating a support services program in the city of Oxnard using the Pets for Life approach. He discusses strategies for establishing or expanding a strategic, sustainable community-based outreach program, whether rural, urban, or somewhere in between.

Excerpts from the call

In this 4-minute clip, Rafael demonstrates the benefits of going door-to-door to introduce yourself to your community by telling the story of what happened when he knocked on the door of Flavio, Jonathon, and their dog Coffee.

In this clip, Rafael talks about how advocating for a client seeking a health certificate for her 15-year old poodle kept a family together and a dog out of the shelter–and led to a clarifying conversation with a veterinary partner.