Barrier Busting / Bridge Building

Breaking Down Barriers in Foster Programming

In this 25-minute presentation, California Program Manager Nadia Oseguera offers an incremental change approach to broadening your shelter’s base of foster care volunteers. Recorded 02/07/2023

Download the slides (1 MB PDF).

Communications / Messaging / Sample Website

Your website is likely to be the first place people in your community go when looking for information about you. Are you making the most of that opportunity to help people before they even reach your doors?

We’ve created a sample  website that includes language you can copy, adapt to your own needs and paste into your shelter’s website.

Visit All Paws, the sample shelter website. Coming soon: a translation of the site’s text into Spanish.

Home page of All Paws, the sample shelter website. Photo of mama cat and kitten on a rooftop, with tagline that says Mom knows best. How to help kittens. 

Facility Design / Housing

Good Housing

Denae Wagner, DVM, Facility Design Veterinarian at the Koret Shelter Medicine Program talks about the virtuous cycle provided by good housing for cats and dogs in this 25-minute presentation.

Capacity for Care (C4C)

Capacity Score Chart

This chart helps you identify if (and if so, how much) you’re over capacity in the areas of Housing, Care and Conditions, Health and Welfare, and Staffing.

Thumbnail image of the chart, linked to the chart