Cole Wakefield (Good Shepherd Humane Society), Caitlin Daly (SPCA of Erie), Joy Smith (FieldHaven Feline Center), and Denise Woodside (SEAACA) offer inspiration on how you too can boost adoptions, staff satisfaction and community engagement.

In this “Aftershow” Cole, Cait, Joy and Denise answer questions we didn’t have time to address during the 1-hour roundtable.


Short barrier-busting gems, bright spots and mic-drop moments from the first More Pets and People Together Roundtable discussion.

Cait Daly (SPCA of Erie) discusses the benefits of moving from a punitive model of field services to a problem-solving model. 

Cole Wakefield addresses  saviorism in this short video clip.

Denise Woodside (SEAACA) talks about the effects on staff of reducing humane euthanasia.

Joy Smith (Field Haven) on the folly (and sometimes the hypocrisy) of common adoption restrictions.

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