Cal4All Call 01/16/24

Screenshot of Allison's title slide for the 2023 Highlights presenation

In the first Cal4All Call of 2024, California Director Allison Cardona takes a look back at the challenges and accomplishments of California shelters in 2023. KSMP Marketing & Communications Director Mandy Newkirk shares the results of the Cal4All Call poll and Allison discusses some changes coming in the new year.

Intro to the CARE VetREDI Course

Dr. Azalia Boyd of Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity

Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE) presenters Drs. Boyd, Taylor, and Luna give us a sneak peek of their new REDI (Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) course. It’s one key piece of the multipronged effort needed to address the veterinarian shortage and cultural competency gap to make more inclusive and equitable care possible—and work toward easing the shared burden that shelters face as fewer community members are able to access veterinary care.

Preserving the human-animal bond: From the other side of the desk

Video still of panelist in Cal for All Call

Three animal services clients share their own experiences on the other side of the desk in a discussion about the value of integrated case management in preserving the human-animal bond for people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or another life-altering situation.

Debra Olmedo Meets Kittens and People Where They Are

Introduction slide from Debra's presentation

Debra Olmedo, ASPCA Community Outreach and Medical Care Senior Manager (Los Angeles) shares how working alongside community caretakers has increased the amount of felines being altered and kept out of Animal Care Centers.

Lexis Ly Shares Data from Self-Rehoming Website

PhD student Lexis Ly presents “Predictors of successful diversion of cats and dogs away from animal shelter intake: Analysis of data from a self-rehoming website,” a paper she co-authored…