Dog Day Trips in Santa Barbara — Cal4All Call 06/18/24

Title slide of Sarah Aguilar's Cal4All Call presentation on SBCAS's Dog Day Trip program

Sarah Aguilar, Director of Santa Barbara County Animal Services, describes how she and her small team started their Dog Day Trip Program. Treating the program as very-short-term-foster, they built on their existing systems and saw immediate benefits in dog well-being, adoptions, and volunteer engagement. Hear how they did it, what they learned along the way, and what’s next for the program.

Community Outreach 101 — Cal4All Call 06/04/24

Title slide of Community Outreach 101 presentation showing an African-American man kneeling and petting a gray cat

Rafael Castellanos (Pets for Life Coordinator, Ventura County Animal Services) and Ashley Anderson-Mutch (Senior Program Manager, Enforcement and Policy Reform, Pets for Life at Humane Society of the United States) discuss strategies for establishing or expanding a strategic, sustainable community-based outreach program, whether rural, urban, or somewhere in between.

HASS Budget Calculator Walkthrough — Cal4All Call 05/21/24

Gallery image from May 21, 2024 Cal4All Call

Dr. Ellen Jefferson and Maggie Lynch from Austin Pets Alive! walk us through the new HASS budget calculator, created to address the persistent underfunding of animal services. Learn how to use the calculator tool and its results to advocate for budgets appropriate to meet the public’s expectations around humane care and shelter lifesaving.

HQHVSN Training – Cal4All Call 05/07/24

Screenshot showing participants of the Cal4All Call 5/7/24

KSMP Outreach Veterinarian Chumkee Aziz leads a panel discussion on setting up and running High Quality, High Volume Spay Neuter programs. Panelists: Albert Escobedo (RVTg and Director of Veterinary Operations, Humane Society of Sonoma County), Dr. Jennifer Allen (Veterinarian, CAMP LA), Megan Gram (Director of the Pacific Region, Animal Balance), and Kylie Ramos (Community Engagement Program Manager, San Francisco SPCA).

Cal4All Call 01/16/24

Screenshot of Allison's title slide for the 2023 Highlights presenation

In the first Cal4All Call of 2024, California Director Allison Cardona takes a look back at the challenges and accomplishments of California shelters in 2023. KSMP Marketing & Communications Director Mandy Newkirk shares the results of the Cal4All Call poll and Allison discusses some changes coming in the new year.