What’s possible when we all work inside and outside shelter walls to keep and bring more pets and people together and root out barriers that come between them? What does More Pets and People Together mean to you? Answer these questions with art, and you could win a $5,000 grant for your local shelter! 

As part of the California for All Animals More Pets and People Together campaign, everyone is invited to reflect on what animal companionship means to them and to their community via pencil, crayon, brush, or digital drawing tool. Artists of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to enter. Here’s how:

Illustration by Ann Liu

Shelters and partner organizations, request a free communications kit complete with contest flyers, posters, buttons, and stickers to share with community members inside the shelter and out, including staff and volunteers! 

If you can’t get to your shelter or print a flyer, no problem! Draw on any piece of paper, then take a photo of your art and post to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #PetsAndPeopleTogether #MascotasYPersonasUnidas.

Answering the question, “More pets and people together, more ________?” is a good way to spark your creativity. Not a visual artist but want to share what More Pets and People Together means to you? Email your story to together@californiaforallanimals.com. For inspiration and contest details, visit this page to view other art created by emerging California artists like Ann Liu.