Short barrier-busting gems, bright spots and mic-drop moments from the first More Pets and People Together Roundtable discussion. View the full hour-long roundtable discussion and the “aftershow” below.

In under 2 minutes, Laura explains the impact of Pasadena Humane’s ongoing efforts to increase Return to Home in the field and remove barriers that keep pets in the shelter, from empowering animal control officers to give microchipped pets a ride home to lowering or waiving RTO fees.

In this short clip, Ivy acknowledges that moving away from placing blame on pet owners whose dogs repeatedly end up in shelters is a challenging but necessary shift we need to make.

Full Roundtable Video

Our fourth and final More Pets and People Together Roundtable was filled with Return to Home ideas and wins, from welcoming community members as Pet Pals and Pet Detectives to sharing Chameleon-generated Found Pet flyers. Cortney Dorney (WAGS Pet Adoption), Ivy Ruiz (Koret Shelter Medicine Program), Tracy Mohr (Chico Animal Shelter), and Laura Lampley (Pasadena Humane) really brought the More Pets and People Together series—you guessed it—home.


In this Aftershow, Cortney Dorney, Ivy Ruiz, Tracy Mohr, and Laura Lampley answered questions we didn’t have time for during the hour-long roundtable.

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Research from other sectors showing how fines and fees disproportionately affect Black and brown communities and people living below the poverty line