Grant Impact – San Bernardino County

The San Bernardino County Devore Animal Shelter made great use of their $205,000 California for All Animals grant. Among the outcomes: 525 dogs received advanced veterinary care 163 cats received advanced veterinary care 1,500 leashes and collars were purchased From the report: “The Vet Care Grant Fund for shelter animals has been instrumental in improving […]

2023 Highlights

Chart showing distribution of grant funds. Details are also in the text on this page.

In just over two years, the California for All Animals program has provided nearly $31.5 million in funding to animal shelters across the state. Learn more about how 6.5M 2023 grant funding was distributed to support California families and their well-being.

Grant Impact – Tux from Tuolumne

Tux, a tripod cat helped with Cal4All Animals grant funds

“Another happy story from our Cal for All Animals grant was Tuxedo (‘Tux’), a young kitten with a severely injured leg. Tux had been surrendered to Tuolumne County Animal Control, and they reached out to their rescue partners to find a transfer opportunity. “Because we knew we had our grant funding available, we accepted Tux […]

Announcing the More Pets and People Together Statewide Contest Winners

More Pets and People Together contest winner Scarlett Bispo with her art

What does it look like when we’re stronger side by side? We invited Californians to reflect on what animal companionship means to them and to their community via pencil, crayon, brush, or digital drawing tool, all for a chance to win a $5,000 grant for their animal shelter. The results are in, and we couldn’t choose just one winner!

Cinco cosas que pueden hacer las ciudades y los condados

Aquí hay cinco maneras en que los representantes electos y los líderes públicos pueden ayudar a construir comunidades que incluyan más a las mascotas y a las personas: lugares más divertidos, justos y bienvenidos a los que todos podamos llamar hogar 1. Reevaluar las tarifas y prácticas de reclamación y regreso a casa de refugios […]