When the Heat Rises, Blythe ACO John Bush Has Your Back

Approximately 225 miles east of Los Angeles and 150 miles west of Phoenix, located inside of Riverside County and flanked by the Colorado River, you’ll find Blythe, California, a rural desert town named after the San Francisco financier who established water rights to the region. You’ll also find John Bush, sole animal control officer for Blythe’s animal shelter, collaborating with residents and visitors to craft solutions for challenges both anticipated and unexpected.

Assembly Bill Seeks to Advance Veterinary Telemedicine

Cat sitting on woman's lap looking at veterinarian on laptop computer

The San Diego Humane Society and the ASPCA are advocating for Assembly Bill 1399, legislation that seeks to increase access to services in the face of a critical shortage of trained veterinarians in California by lifting state regulations restricting provision of veterinary care via telemedicine. The bill was revised and sent back to committee on […]

After the Summit, It’s Fast Tracks Time

Spring 23 Shelter Summit + Fast Tracks promotional banner

Over 800 people attended the Spring ’23 Shelter Summit live on March 14. It is now available on demand at Maddie’s® University, where you can view each of the presentations and Q&A sessions. Those presentations offered tantalizing suggestions to meet some of shelters’ greatest challenges. But change is hard. You need hope, help and time. That’s […]

Open Arms Shelters Pilot New Approaches to Increase Adoptions

Open Arms Challenge promotional image of a family sitting on a couch with a cat

108 California organizations applied for the Open Arms Challenge this year. They spent last month preparing—updating procedures, training staff and volunteers, engaging translators to reach more people in more languages, etc.—and are implementing their welcoming practices this month. At a recent Open Arms Office Hours call, we heard how a  rescue is thinking of new ways to […]

California for All Animals Legislative Report 2023 Released

California for All Animals Distributes $15.5M in Grants in First Year In accordance with the language set forth in Article 6.4. Animal Shelter Assistance Act, KSMP set out to design a program that provided outreach, in-person assessments, training on current best practices, and grant monies to California city, county, or city and county animal control […]

A Beautiful Thing: Community Care in Rancho Cordova

Marvin Adams cuddles with his dog, Coco

When their beloved dog Coco experienced sudden swelling in her paw, Margaret and her husband, Marvin, were determined to find vet care for her despite barriers or, as a last resort, surrender her to a shelter for treatment to relieve her pain. Rancho Cordova Animal Services teamed up to help.

ACO Appreciation Week 2023

For animal services officers, being in the field means collaborating to build safer, healthier, more compassionate communities for animals and people one conversation at a time. It’s countering conflict and cultivating connections among neighbors, bridging gaps in care to keep animals in their homes, and going the extra mile to reunite lost pets with their […]

Senior ACO Christina Avila Is Here to Help

Christina holds a small dog during a spay/neuter event while a woman signs a clipboard and a young boy looks on. Photo credit: City of Perris

In 2014, Christina Avila was burned out. She took a hiatus from animal welfare and reluctantly returned a year later, when she joined the City of Perris Animal Control as Senior Animal Control Officer. “I didn’t want to do it anymore,” Christina recalls. “Then I was at home with three boys, and I had to […]

#allthenews: The Cal for All Animals Newsletter v.1 i.4

Volume 1, Issue 4 February 14, 2023 In This Issue: Year in Review | Sniptember | Open Arms | Vet Shortage | PetHelpFinder.org Goes LivePlus: All New All Call Format | Paws to Appreciate | Updated ASV Guidelines | We Dream Different California for All Animals Year in Review with Nadia Oseguera On February 14, […]