Winning the Fight to Reunite Pets and People

Our fourth and final More Pets and People Together Roundtable was filled with Return to Home ideas and wins, from welcoming community members as Pet Pals and Pet Detectives to sharing Chameleon-generated Found Pet flyers.

Debra Olmedo Meets Kittens and People Where They Are

Introduction slide from Debra's presentation

Debra Olmedo, ASPCA Community Outreach and Medical Care Senior Manager (Los Angeles) shares how working alongside community caretakers has increased the amount of felines being altered and kept out of Animal Care Centers.

Boosting Positive Outcomes: Antidotes to Fear, Bias and Saviorism

Cait in screengrab from Roundtable 1 video

From streamlining the adoption process to save staff time, improve adopters’ experience and increase positive outcomes by 300% (with no increase in returns!), to introducing innovative programming that welcomes community members and promotes fear-free, connection-driven culture among shelter teams, your peers from California and beyond share what they’ve learned.

Lexis Ly Shares Data from Self-Rehoming Website

PhD student Lexis Ly presents “Predictors of successful diversion of cats and dogs away from animal shelter intake: Analysis of data from a self-rehoming website,” a paper she co-authored…

Lisa LaFontaine on Learning While Leading

José Ocaño interviews Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO of Humane Rescue Alliance. Lisa shares mistakes she has made and lessons she has learned leading a diverse organization working with diverse communities.

Turning Crisis into Action

Ramon Villatoro and his team were facing an outbreak of Canine Parvovirus in his first month on the job. Here’s how the shelter’s culture came out stronger on the other side.