Open Arms Shelters Pilot New Approaches to Increase Adoptions

Open Arms Challenge promotional image of a family sitting on a couch with a cat

108 California organizations applied for the Open Arms Challenge this year. They spent last month preparing—updating procedures, training staff and volunteers, engaging translators to reach more people in more languages, etc.—and are implementing their welcoming practices this month. At a recent Open Arms Office Hours call, we heard how a  rescue is thinking of new ways to […]

A Beautiful Thing: Community Care in Rancho Cordova

Marvin Adams cuddles with his dog, Coco

When their beloved dog Coco experienced sudden swelling in her paw, Margaret and her husband, Marvin, were determined to find vet care for her despite barriers or, as a last resort, surrender her to a shelter for treatment to relieve her pain. Rancho Cordova Animal Services teamed up to help.