Grant Impact – San Bernardino County

The San Bernardino County Devore Animal Shelter made great use of their $205,000 California for All Animals grant. Among the outcomes: 525 dogs received advanced veterinary care 163 cats received advanced veterinary care 1,500 leashes and collars were purchased From the report: “The Vet Care Grant Fund for shelter animals has been instrumental in improving […]

2023 Highlights

Chart showing distribution of grant funds. Details are also in the text on this page.

In just over two years, the California for All Animals program has provided nearly $31.5 million in funding to animal shelters across the state. Learn more about how 6.5M 2023 grant funding was distributed to support California families and their well-being.

Meet Artist Erika Ilumin Wahlberg

Artist Erika Ilumin Wahlberg

More pets and people together, more PLAY! We’re asking community members inside the shelter and out, “What does More Pets and People Together mean to you?” Artist Erika Ilumin Wahlberg tells us more about her vision and why building bridges and removing barriers to keep pets and people together is important to her.

Draw, Color or Paint Your Way to $5k for Your Shelter

Illustrations by Ann Liu depict scenes of people returning home and being greeted by their happy dogs, cats, and birds. Each scene conveys a strong sense of family, joy, and belonging.

What’s possible when we all work inside and outside shelter walls to keep and bring more pets and people together and root out barriers that come between them? What does More Pets and People Together mean to you? Answer these questions with art, and you could win a $5,000 grant for your local shelter!  As […]

Tackle Disease and Barriers with August Events

As intake numbers rise in many shelters, making sure animals receive the right care, in the right place and at the right time is critical to combating crowding, curbing disease and ensuring positive outcomes. Two upcoming events will highlight tried-and-true tips for managing infectious disease and creative approaches shelter teams are taking to keep more […]

Sniptember Partnerships Add HQHVSN Throughout California

Fresno Humane Animal Balance HQHVSN dates

Up and down the Golden State, shelters and their partners are expanding high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter surgeries and training. Animal Balance Brings HQHVSN to Fresno Thanks to a Sniptember grant and global NGO Animal Balance, Fresno Humane will be spending the second half of 2023 clearing their spay/neuter backlog of hundreds of shelter animals. […]

Assembly Bill Seeks to Advance Veterinary Telemedicine

Cat sitting on woman's lap looking at veterinarian on laptop computer

The San Diego Humane Society and the ASPCA are advocating for Assembly Bill 1399, legislation that seeks to increase access to services in the face of a critical shortage of trained veterinarians in California by lifting state regulations restricting provision of veterinary care via telemedicine. The bill was revised and sent back to committee on […]

After the Summit, It’s Fast Tracks Time

Spring 23 Shelter Summit + Fast Tracks promotional banner

Over 800 people attended the Spring ’23 Shelter Summit live on March 14. It is now available on demand at Maddie’s® University, where you can view each of the presentations and Q&A sessions. Those presentations offered tantalizing suggestions to meet some of shelters’ greatest challenges. But change is hard. You need hope, help and time. That’s […]